Tree Fertilization

Provide the Right Nutrients for Your Trees

Our tree fertilization services at Gateway Tree Care can help your trees and shrubs to withstand a variety of conditions. We can increase your trees’ resistance to disease and infestation by properly fertilizing it as needed. Depending on the condition of your tree, we can adjust our fertilization process to produce effective results.

To determine if your tree can benefit from fertilization, we examine the following aspects:

  • Color of the foliage
  • Soil testing
  • Growth
  • History of the landscape

Reliable Tree Services in West County & South County

We can blend a fertilizer to keep your trees as healthy as possible throughout the year. Our fertilization process is meant to provide the proper nutrients that your tree needs. If you would like more information regarding our services, contact us at (636) 600-1396 today! We serve West County, South County, Oakville, Fenton and other surrounding areas.

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